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Golden Spring 23cm
Mosaic Tiled Mirror


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Accentuate your decor with this colourful mosaic mirror, hand made in the UK - add a splash of colour, pattern, texture and interest!

Home Studio crafted, fully tiled and grouted with small vitreous glass mosaic tiles, this mosaic mirror will brighten up your walls, or with the optional stand can decorate your dressing table or other surfaces.

It is made from 204 tiles in 1 colours, with a nominal size of 23cm wide x 23cm high (approx 9 x 9 inches) and a 15cm x 15cm mirror.

Packing and Delivery to most of the UK is included in the price, with no VAT to pay.
Although this shop is for UK customers only, this mosaic design can be shipped to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and other countries - order online at Golden Spring 23cm on Kaamar.com (or if you prefer, use the quote button on the right to ask for a quote).

Golden Spring 23cm Mosaic Mirror
Golden Spring 23cm Mosaic Mirror

This photo shows the Golden Spring 23cm Mosaic Mirror, in the Satin Edged format for wall hanging.

Golden Spring 23cm Mosaic Mirror (side)
Golden Spring 23cm Mosaic Mirror (side)

This photo shows a side view of the Golden Spring 23cm Mosaic Mirror in the Satin Edged format.

About the Design

Mosaic Colours:
Golden Spring uses spring green marbled tiles with metallic gold highlights.

Mosaic Design: Marbled
An interesting visual effect is created by the random nature of the Marbled tiles used, with no designated pattern.

Marbled Tiles:
These special tiles can add sophistication, individuality and sparkle to the design - the glass tile has part of a swirl of base and highlight colours encapsulated within, like a micro snapshot of dyes mixing with water, often giving a marble-like effect. The effect varies greatly between tiles, from almost transparent with a hint of colour, through being a solid base colour to being mostly one of the highlight colours, though most have some level of streakiness.
Apart from Pink, all tile colours include a metallic colour as one of the highlight colours, mostly a metallic gold colour, so the design can come to life with a subtle sparkle.
Each tile is so different, with random variations in strength and orientation of base colour and highlight colour streaks, that each mosaic is unique and your mosaic may not be an exact match for image shown.

This mosaic design is Copyright © 2015 Kaamar Ltd.


  • Colourful mosaic mirror.
  • Fully tiled and grouted.
  • Wall hang or use optional stand.
  • Suitable for Homes and commercial premises such as Offices, Restaurants, Pubs and Hotels.


Mirror Size: 15cm x 15cm approx.
Grout Colour: Light Green 25GW.
204 tiles in 1 colours

Available in the following formats:

Satin Edged: £36
The Satin edged version of this mirror has satin wrapped around the edge of the base board for a softer look. The satin is secured with a decorative brass pin and adds colour and sheen (suitable for dry areas only). Prefitted with brackets and picture cord for easy wall hanging. Ensure wall fixing can safely take mirror weight.
Overall Size: 227mm x 227mm x 22mm approx.
Packaged Weight: 1.4kg approx.

Satin Edged with Stand: £43
The Satin edged version of this mirror has satin wrapped around the edge of the base board for a softer look. The satin is secured with a decorative brass pin and adds colour and sheen (suitable for dry areas only). The stand allows the mirror to rest on a table or other surface, coming prefitted with a hinged painted stand, brackets and chain. The chain can be reduced to adjust the mirror stand angle.
Overall Size: 227mm x 227mm x 28mm approx (with stand closed).
Standing Size: 23cm wide x 21cm high x 17cm deep approx.
Packaged Weight: 1.4kg approx.

Colour Note:

The colours shown are for guide use only.

It is impossible to give an accurate indication of the finished mosaic colours: the tile colour shades vary from batch to batch, supplier to supplier (as is common with all fired glass). Most have a speckled appearance, with very small white(ish) specks and bubbles, that affects the colour shade when seen from a distance. Vitreous tiles are semi-transparent/translucent/reflective, which varies in extent from colour to colour, so the colour shade seen is also affected by lighting conditions, adhesive and grout colour, etc. Finished grout colours will also vary due to mixing, texture, application or batch variations.

Sample 10mm vitreous glass mosaic tiles used
Sample 10mm mosaic tiles - Click to enlarge

We have tried hard with our photographs to capture the mosaic colours. Even then, the colour you see on your screen may not be exactly the same as we see on our screens, due to differences in browser, display and screen settings.

As with all mosaics, the artistry is in the overall mosaic impression, rather than the specific use of colours.

Finish Quality Note:

This is a Home Studio crafted product.

Every due care and attention is taken to ensure a high quality product with a professional finish. However, as with any Home Studio crafted product more minor irregularities are to be expected than for a mass produced factory item.

Many of the tiles (despite their factory manufacture) have slightly varying shapes, irregular edges or minor edge chips. As part of our quality control procedures, all tiles are visually checked prior to product assembly. Some irregular edged tiles can be ground back to shape, while broken, deformed, excessively chipped or irregular edged tiles are replaced.

Mirror Glass is hand cut (with sharp edges removed) which can give irregular shapes and edges and even tiny patches of edge damage to the mirror backing. It is almost inevitable that the many physical processes involved in cutting, mounting and tiling the mirror will result in imperfections on the mirror glass such as small scratches: where possible these are polished until barely noticable.

Tile mounting and grouting are carried out by hand, inevitably resulting in minor variations in tile positions, depth and orientation, grout lines etc.

Such variations and irregularities only add to the artistic charm of our completed mosaics.

Ordering Note:

While this product is usually 'Made to Order', as one example of a fully customizable mosaic range, sometimes we choose to pre-make some items so we can offer faster delivery.

Currently we have limited supplies of this product available 'In Stock' - once supplies have been used up, this product will be 'Made to Order' (unless we choose to make more for stock).

If you are a consumer, you have the right to cancel an order that contains only 'In Stock' products under The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013. In such cases, you must notify us of the cancellation by letter or email within 14 days after delivery. You will be required to return the goods at your cost within 14 days.

Delivery and Surcharges:

Standard Delivery is Free to most of the UK including remote areas and Northern Ireland, with the exception of the remote island postcodes: IM, HS, ZE.

For delivery to other countries, to the excluded remote areas or if you require additional delivery options such as Saturday/Next Day/Before 10am please order online at Golden Spring 23cm on Kaamar.com.

'In Stock' typical dispatch: 1-2 working days, 'Made to Order' typical dispatch: 3-4 working weeks.
Typical transit time: 3-5 working days.

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Satin Edged: 1 'In Stock'
Satin Edged with Stand: Available Soon
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